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Environmental Awareness

Keeping your car or truck properly maintained can sometimes create a mess. While we pride ourselves on providing excellent service and parts, we also take pride in acting responsibly when it comes to keeping the earth healthy for future generations. We’ve got to do our part, today, to keep it “green.”

Disposing of Used Oil and Oil Filters

What should you do with your used oil? Simply recycle it. Oil filters too. Put the used oil in a clean plastic container with a tight lid, and take it to Kelly’s used-oil collection facility or contact your local recycling centre.

Tire Recycling

BC forbids tires in landfills — all the more reason to recycle them! If you take your vehicle to Kelly’s to have the tires replaced, we will dispose of the old tires for you. Or if you have old tires at home you want to get rid of take them to Kelly’s, they will dispose of them for you.

Radiator Fluid Recycling

We recycle used radiator fluid. If you have used fluid at home secure it in a tightly sealed container, and take it to Kelly’s we will dispose of it for you.

Tire Stewardship BC

A not-for-profit society formed to manage BC's tire recycling program. The program collects an Advance Disposal Fee, commonly referred to as an eco fee, on the sale of every new tire. The fees are used to pay for transporting and recycling BC generated scrap tires ensuring that the tires are disposed of in environmentally responsible ways instead of ending up in our landfills.

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