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Shocks & Struts

Shocks and Struts are very important components of your vehicle. The Number 1 reason is to keep your tires on the road. Without shocks and struts your vehicle would bounce excessively, cornering would be impossible, the vehicle would be unstable, braking would be hard to control. Tires would develop weird spots and your comfort ride, steering and braking would out do any fair ride.

We all know our vehicles are manufactured with shocks and struts but they do wear out. They wear so slowly that the every day driver of the vehicle does not know the difference in ride control until he actually replaces the shocks and/or struts around 80,000 – 120,000 km. By doing so, and I can not stress this enough you save your braking system, you save your tires, you save steering components, you save gas and most importantly your safety. In the long run you do save money lots or money and maybe even a squirrel.

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