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Tire Repairs

Tire Repairs should not taken lightly. Always have a professional repair your tire. The tire must be removed from the wheel, inspect for sidewall damage caused by driving with the tire deflated or flat, the integrity of the tire might be gone, if it is, tire is not repairable. If a tire can be fixed, a Plug and Patch within the tire tread not more than 1” from the Sidewall can it be patched. After installing the tire back on to the wheel they should rebalance your tire. If a tire facility is repairing it any other way….they are not thinking about your safety. The life expectancy of tires is 8 – 10 years. The date of production of a tire is now law and is on the Sidewall of your tire, (week, year). Beware of buying tires from just anybody and be in the know.

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