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Our Equipment

To insure the professional quality of installation of your new tires we have the most update technology . Our computerized tire changer and computerized tire balancer has the technology to detect if the tire or rim is out of balance., Precise placement with minimal amount of weight to give your vehicle a very true balance. With our Computerized Aligner and Quad Rack, we're presently 1st in British Columbia as of 2010 with the most up to date diagnostic equipment for tires and front-end equipment. This assures us, which in turn I can assure our customers the Job is always done on a professional level.

Hoffman Monty 1000

Fully-Automatic Tire Changer is the industry’s first truly automatic tire changer. No other tire changer automatically measures tire diameter, uses imaging technology to precisely profile the wheel, automatically positions the tire for hydraulically-driven dual bead breaking, and uses precise motor controls to remove the tire from the wheel. Laser guided bead-breaking And demounting tools completely eliminate tool-to-wheel contact for damage-free and worry-free tire and wheel handling.